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Energy Healing with Tiffany

How Your Energy Supports You

Before understanding how energy healing helps you, first it's important to understand how your energy field operates and the common misconceptions that most healers will facilitate healing from.

Most material in the world on energy healing focuses on the need to clear and purify the body and energy field. However the energy field is amazing at balancing and purifying itself and instead of understanding this, most people that are new to energy healing will get the idea that there is something wrong with themselves and it's important to get rid of the negative energy weighing them down. This is so ingrained in society that this is what people search for when they look for healing through energy healing and why you will see many places on this site allude to this as well.

People resonate with this way of thinking and it's okay to think of healing this way in the beginning. However, if someone is diving into their healing journey and they're stuck in this limited way of viewing the energy field and body, greater dysfunction can develop because for most people this type of thinking creates separation. 

Separation happens by viewing their own energy as negative and positive. That it's okay to have some feelings and not okay to have others when this couldn't be further from the truth.

See all feelings are welcome and all feelings are important. Feelings lead you back to yourself. Negative feelings are not there to limit you to the point that you are struggling and need them cleared. They are there to show you that something is off in the way that you are operating which is then causing pain or stress in some way.

The truth is that your natural set point is light and there is nothing that can change that. Your light shines amazingly bright, but you can have experiences in life that cause grief or confusion. When this happens, for many people they'll feel like something is wrong. Instead of going internally and being present with the emotion and opening up to their truth/light, allowing the pain to resolve itself, people will unconsciously start separating instead.


This is when they either look for talk therapy or search for emotional healing through energy healing.


Knowing the above is significant because it's with this frame of mind that you can see energy healing as something different then what mainstream teaches. Initial separation leads people into greater separation when they feel they need to only allow the "positive" and separate from negativity.

For true and lasting healing, separation ceases. People begin to understand that their thoughts and emotions are there for a reason. It is shining light on a way of living that is not working anymore. When a negative emotion or thought is arising, that is an invitation to open up and discover this.

When receiving an energy healing session from Tiffany Lenhard, she is focused on this total picture. She is not looking at the negative and what people would consider wrong. She is asking what needs to open up for a person to connect deeper within themselves for lasting change. This is done by identifying and connecting with the "negative" parts of oneself that they separated from at one time or another.

It's helpful to have a healer for this experience because when people are faced with this energy being brought to the surface, it can be overwhelming when done alone. There are many self help methods that address trauma, but when done with a intuitive professional, they are able to see all the layers to the process that need to be walked through. In a healing session, this is done in the most gentle and complete way that offers relief and comfort rather than stirring up emotions and layers on ones own, which can cause anxiety or confusion.

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You meet the healer you are ready for. For every step of your healing Journey you are on, you will find a healer that can meet you there and help facilitate a deeper transformation than the experiences before. This is how we grow. This is true for healers too and it's why it's important for healers to continue to expand and meet new levels on their journey as well.

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