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Body Code Practitioner & Energy Healer Reviews

- Testimonials -

The energy work Tiffany does is incredible and extremely helpful. She is welcoming, kind, and very knowledgeable. She is easy to talk to and always answers any questions I have. I truly appreciate her and the energy work she does and cannot recommend her enough.

— Kass, Oklahoma City

— Rob, Tulsa

I have done a number of sessions with her. To sum it up, I feel better than I have in 15 years. I feel fully alive and like a huge boulder is off my shoulders dragging me down and holding me back. No more. Forever grateful to have met her and for the results she has given me.

Tiffany is a gifted healer. I have been working with her for ten months, and I trust her implicitly. With integrity and keen intuition, she lovingly leads her clients toward true healing and freedom. I came to Tiffany with extreme tooth pain. Upon moving to a new city - and recently losing my dental insurance - I found myself in need of an emergency root canal. While waiting for my appointment, I felt I had nothing to lose by reaching out for healing. Throughout the course of three sessions my pain began to dissipate, and then it disappeared completely. It hasn't returned. I did not get a root canal.
Tiffany has since begun clearing trapped energies associated with my longstanding migraines and menstrual pain. There has been clear and tremendous improvement with both. I'm so grateful to be the recipient of her generous and intuitive skills.
If you feel remotely hesitant about trying this type of work, do it anyway. She's amazing. It will be worth it.

— Michele, Michigan

I started working with Tiffany in June 2019, and as we worked on emotional healing, mobility in my neck improved and the chronic pain subsided, a wonderful bonus. I feel a deep sense of peace and stillness that I had never known before.

I recently began Tiffany's Resonating Relationships Course which has brought me a greater sense of connectedness to friends and community, and increased harmony with family members. Tiffany's depth of knowledge and ability are incomparable and a blessing to those that work with her. I am immensely grateful!

— Daphne, Norman

I have been working with Tiffany for a few months. I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for 16 years. After finding little medical help, I thought it couldn't hurt to give emotion code a try. It has been a great experience. My energy level has increased, pain in my leg and back has decreased, and my interest in exploring healing in a new way is piqued. Tiffany is wonderful to work with and accommodating to my needs. I feel so fortunate to found her and emotion code.

— Melinda, Tulsa

Working with Tiffany has been life changing for me! Tiffany has the gift of being able to identify and bring relief to multiple areas of discomfort ranging from health issues, traumatic memories, negative beliefs and everything in between. Tiffany has worked on all of these areas in my sessions, and I have experienced so much help and healing because of her work. One of the most amazing changes I noticed was at the end of a phone session I had with her about a month ago. The belief that "I don't deserve to be happy" came up and was cleared. IMMEDIATELY after Tiffany released that negative belief, I experienced newfound joy and happiness as I resonated with the truth that I DID deserve to be happy, and my subconscious strongly agreed with that fact. To this day, I cannot think "I deserve to be happy" and not have a huge smile light up my face.
Every time I have an energy session, I become more aligned with my authentic self as I release false, negative beliefs that are not serving me. If you have the opportunity to have a session with Tiffany, TAKE IT. The life-changing, freedom-bringing, body-healing possibilities you may encounter through working with her are truly endless.

— Karen, Oklahoma City

Tiffany is truly amazing and very intuitive. I found her through the emotion code and highly recommend her to anyone who has been through emotional trauma. I feel like she lifted a weight off of me!!

— Debi, Oklahoma City

Tiffany is wonderful, and body coding is an incredible practice. My level of anxiety has decreased drastically, and I plan to continue. I highly recommend!

— Crystal, Oklahoma City

“Tiffany is friendly, comforting and dedicated to helping! She helped me release the stuck emotions that were holding me back. I was impressed with what she was able to pick up on and how relieved I felt afterwards. Thanks to her I don’t feel the stuck emotions around my heart anymore, and I couldn’t be happier!”

— Taylor, Albuquerque

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- Testimonials -
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