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Body Code Practitioner & Energy Healer Reviews

- Testimonials -

Tiffany has been a pleasure to work with during my treatment.  She does a great job explaining the work she is doing and gives examples on the impact the energy blockages can have on your health.  I have seen several  therapists and did talk therapy which only rehashed the issue, EMDR, and neurofeedback.  From my experience energy healing helps free your subconscious without having to replay the scenario.​

Tiffany is such an effective healer that most of my anger and frustrations have been eliminated without having to rerun the past.  I can't say enough about her treatments and highly recommend giving it a try.

- Richard - Norman, Oklahoma

I've had alot of different health issues over the last 5 years. I starting seeing a Functional Medicine doctor and she recommended I do Energy Healing. I had never heard of it even though I had worked in the health care setting for many years. 

Tiffany is the best at her job!!! She can find so many blockages that you have and clear them but what's even more special is she'll let you know the age it happened and give wonderful examples of what caused it. She takes her time with you and explains everything so well. Gives you plenty of time to ask questions so you have a full understanding of your session. Plus Tiffany even emails you a copy of your session for that day so you can review it. You can tell she is a true energy healer with such a kind heart. :)

I can tell my overall health has improved in many different ways. What's a bonus is all my relationships with friends and family are so easy now. Things just don't bother me like they used to. I feel like a big weight has been removed from my shoulders. 

I think this type of healing should be mandatory in health care. I never would've imaged this would actually help me get on the right path for my body to heal. I'm a forever changed person. If you know in your heart something doesn't feel right in your body give energy healing a try. You'll be so happy you did!

- Stacy - Norman, Oklahoma

Sessions with Tiffany have changed my life. Her knowledge is incredible & she is so in-tune with what I need out of each visit. I am clearer, my energy has increased exponentially & I’m more open. I highly recommend a session with Tiffany!

- Andrea - Edmond, Oklahoma

I have done a number of sessions with her. To sum it up, I feel better than I have in 15 years. I feel fully alive and like a huge boulder is off my shoulders dragging me down and holding me back. No more. Forever grateful to have met her and for the results she has given me.

- Rob - Tulsa, Oklahoma

I have been working with Tiffany for a few months. I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for 16 years. After finding little medical help, I thought it couldn't hurt to give emotion code a try. It has been a great experience. My energy level has increased, pain in my leg and back has decreased, and my interest in exploring healing in a new way is piqued. Tiffany is wonderful to work with and accommodating to my needs. I feel so fortunate to found her and emotion code.

- Melinda - Tulsa , Oklahoma

Firstly, Tiffany is AMAZING! I’ve had two sessions with her so far, and since the initial meeting, her energy is always so welcoming, warm, & gentle. I’m always so surprised at the accuracy of our sessions & the depth of healing that takes place. The work that Tiffany does is very effective & precise, and I always leave her feeling clearer, lighter, centered, & more embodied than before. She’s been beyond helpful in clearing my emotional weight and deep-rooted past/present issues. Do not hesitate to book!

- Chelsea - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tiffany is wonderful, and body coding is an incredible practice. My level of anxiety has decreased drastically, and I plan to continue. I highly recommend!

- Crystal - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Truly she is the best healer I have ever seen personally. She is very welcoming and put me immediately at ease. I have booked my daughter a session and have already booked my next session! I can’t wait. The knowledge she has is unbelievable. Very satisfied. Thank you!

- Lisa - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I came to Tiffany with complaints of fatigue and a few other things. I have a history of UC. I could not be happier with the results. With two sessions so far we were able to clear quite a bit and I have noticed a major change in my energy, drive, and an overall sense of clarity. I still feel there is some work left to do, but I am very grateful to have found Tiffany and looking forward to working with her in the future.

- Michael - Norman, Oklahoma

Highly recommend. I can not even describe how great this experience was. Tiffany has such an amazing energy and makes you feel super comfortable. Also feel 100x lighter just after one session.

- Kaylee - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I was referred to Tiffany Lenhard by my Reiki healer. I had an instant connection to her & felt very comfortable with her. She is kind & has this peace about her. I’ve had about 6 sessions with her so far & each one amazes me at the level of healing she’s able to do. I have much physical improvement now thanks to her. I am in need of more sessions for other health issues & look forward to letting her continue to help heal me. I highly recommend Tiffany Lenhard.

- Virginia - Norman, Oklahoma

I am really impressed as to how this healer was able to connect with my younger self. I, like many others, have unresolved issues that I have put in a box. Tiffany was able to reach connect with my subconscious to find these items and help me acknowledge them so I could work on resolving/ healing them. I definately wil be working with Tiffany again on specific issues.

- Geode - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tiffany has been incredible to work with. I’ve had my eyes opened to the world of healing through The Emotion Code and Body Code, and she’s been extremely helpful and intuitive. I’ve experienced healing in everything from quality sleep to increase in energy and motivation, also a significant reduction in anxiety. I’m finally relieved of an annoying dry cough I had for 24 years. She’s also experienced at healing the heart. Her work is truly life changing.

- Alaina - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tiffany is a gift to this world! I just had my first session with her and it was nothing like I've ever experienced before. She helped me release so much stuff from my childhood that's been bogging me down in my adult life. I also feel like I need to share this in case someone needs to read it. I have been battling agoraphobia for many years and have massive panic attacks so I was pretty scared about this appointment. Tiffany put me at ease the whole time. Honestly I've never met anyone with more calming energy than her. I felt safe. She was able to clear so much for me and I immediately felt a difference. For the first time in a long time I feel joy today!

- Christen - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Working with Tiffany has been life changing for me! Tiffany has the gift of being able to identify and bring relief to multiple areas of discomfort ranging from health issues, traumatic memories, negative beliefs and everything in between. Tiffany has worked on all of these areas in my sessions, and I have experienced so much help and healing because of her work. One of the most amazing changes I noticed was at the end of a phone session I had with her about a month ago. The belief that "I don't deserve to be happy" came up and was cleared. IMMEDIATELY after Tiffany released that negative belief, I experienced newfound joy and happiness as I resonated with the truth that I DID deserve to be happy, and my subconscious strongly agreed with that fact. To this day, I cannot think "I deserve to be happy" and not have a huge smile light up my face.Every time I have an energy session, I become more aligned with my authentic self as I release false, negative beliefs that are not serving me. If you have the opportunity to have a session with Tiffany, TAKE IT. The life-changing, freedom-bringing, body-healing possibilities you may encounter through working with her are truly endless.

- Karen - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Thanks so much Tiffany I'm feeling amazing! My husband and I are talking right now about everything I felt after my session. I'm still on cloud nine and we are both so happy. Thank you so much for my first session it did wonders for me and our marriage already!!!!! So excited!!!!

- Tami - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This review is long overdue! I have been working with Tiffany on and off for about a year now, and I am always so excited when booking a session. She is such a light and a wonderful person to talk to.

It is such a safe space for me to be myself, and I always feel heard and listened to. She is so intentional and her intuition is impeccable. Tiffany has a way of uplifting you and healing any subconscious blockages, and the immediate relief I feel is incredible. Even weeks or months after, I feel a great improvement in my life. As someone who has gone to many therapists in the past, the type of work Tiffany does is incomparable. I feel about a years worth of therapy is done in one session! Lol

In summation, I am so appreciative of Tiffany and her energy-healing services. You will not be disappointed. 10/10 !!!

- Briana - Los Angeles, California

Tiffany is a kind intelligent serene lady. She goes above and beyond to care for the needs of others and has a great sense of intuition. She embodies what she teaches.

- Dianne - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tiffany has a calming energy that makes you feel completely safe in the process of healing. I left my first session in awe of what I learned and really processed the work for a few days. The following days I experienced a lightness and felt happier with less “brain fog”. I had more energy, slept better and fewer headaches. I just finished my second session and I can’t wait to go back for round three.

I’ve done a lot of work throughout my life to let go, heal and grow. But this seems to be that missing link that has brought it all together to release the rest of the icky stuff that wanted to hang on.

I can’t recommend Tiffany enough! Happy healing!!

- Stevie - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tiffany is great I have done several session with her. She really cares.Truly helped me, highly recommend to all my friends and family.

- Dennise - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tiffany is a gifted healer. I have been working with her for ten months, and I trust her implicitly. With integrity and keen intuition, she lovingly leads her clients toward true healing and freedom. I came to Tiffany with extreme tooth pain. Upon moving to a new city - and recently losing my dental insurance - I found myself in need of an emergency root canal. While waiting for my appointment, I felt I had nothing to lose by reaching out for healing. Throughout the course of three sessions my pain began to dissipate, and then it disappeared completely. It hasn't returned. I did not get a root canal.Tiffany has since begun clearing trapped energies associated with my longstanding migraines and menstrual pain. There has been clear and tremendous improvement with both. I'm so grateful to be the recipient of her generous and intuitive skills.If you feel remotely hesitant about trying this type of work, do it anyway. She's amazing. It will be worth it.

- Michele - Michigan

Tiffany is wonderful. She was able to help me release blocks I didn't even know I had. She was very kind and supportive.

- Danyale - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tiffany’s work is the greatest gift you can give yourself. I’ve gotten sessions for myself and my children from her, and it’s indescribable. She can tune in to you or whoever she’s working on and untangles energetic knots. Sometimes there’s energy that’s stuck in an organ, sometimes it’s a limiting belief that’s been packed around since early childhood, sometimes it’s someone else’s energy that got absorbed…Tiffany can release it and uncover anything ‘hiding’ underneath. She’s worked a lot on my heart and helping to release emotional trauma from my younger years. It’s always interesting how she can pick up not only the timeline (e.g. at 28 years old when I had a really stressful few months that left me feeling alone and hopeless) but also the events that led to why that later event affected me so much (e.g. age 5 when I get betrayed and internalized that betrayal into thinking I’d always be alone). Be open for the healing experience and you will absolutely reap benefits. Tiffany is the Disney princess of mind/body/energy work and has a lot of love and light to share.

- Laci - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I had my first session with Tiffany yesterday and I felt like a new person waking up this morning. For the first time in who knows how long I felt like I actually slept. I seriously can’t even tell you the last time I felt “refreshed” waking up. That profound drained/drowsy feeling is practically gone. I didn’t feel like I even needed coffee this morning to start my day. I feel lighter and less foggy. I don’t know how to explain it, but I even catch myself thinking maybe it’s just “in my head” because it’s hard to believe something “non medical” can fix so much so fast. I had never heard of body code before, but it was mentioned on a podcast I listen to so I decided to give it a chance. If you’re struggling with something specific or just don’t feel like yourself and have no idea what to do next because you’ve been told over and over again there is nothing medically wrong with you, then I encourage you to give Tiffany a chance. I feel better after one session with her than I have after months of therapy. You won’t regret it!

- Alicia - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I have mycotoxin illness that was absolutely destroying my life. For over a decade I did aggressive I.V. therapies, restrictive diets and spent a fortune on supplements to try to heal my body. Not only did none of it work but as the years went by I developed chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimoto’s disease, multiple chemical sensitivity and the list goes on and on. Seriously my life was torture. The worst part was all the abuse I suffered from doctors.

If you are in a similar situation please try seeing Tiffany first. She fixed my issues so quickly and effortlessly my only regret is how long it took me to bypass the medical system and give energy medicine a try. If I had I could have saved a fortune and I wouldn’t have lost a decade of my life. Energy Medicine works and I am eternally grateful to Tiffany for helping me find my way back to a healthy, fulfilling life.

- Jamie - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tiffany is truly a beautiful soul with an incredible gift of healing. She is intuitive and able to heal my emotions on a deep level so I can begin to see a healthier perspective. I’m still a work in progress but I see a HUGE difference from where I started.

- Brenda - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tiffany is an intuitive, gifted, true healer. She makes you feel safe, comfortable, and not judged. I always walk away from our sessions feeling inspired, hopeful, and light. Highly recommend!

- Hannah - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tiffany is friendly, comforting and dedicated to helping! She helped me release the stuck emotions that were holding me back. I was impressed with what she was able to pick up on and how relieved I felt afterwards. Thanks to her I don’t feel the stuck emotions around my heart anymore, and I couldn’t be happier!

- Taylor - Albuquerque, New Mexico

I started working with Tiffany in June 2019, and as we worked on emotional healing, mobility in my neck improved and the chronic pain subsided, a wonderful bonus. I feel a deep sense of peace and stillness that I had never known before. I recently began Tiffany's Resonating Relationships Course which has brought me a greater sense of connectedness to friends and community, and increased harmony with family members. Tiffany's depth of knowledge and ability are incomparable and a blessing to those that work with her. I am immensely grateful!

- Daphne - Norman, Oklahoma

Tiffany is truly amazing and very intuitive. I found her through the emotion code and highly recommend her to anyone who has been through emotional trauma. I feel like she lifted a weight off of me!!

- Debi - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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