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Our Mission

- Simplify Healing -

Help people struggling with emotional and physical healing by simplifying the healing process. Tiffany Lenhard works with the subconscious mind to understand and heal the deeper underlying cause of the pain holding people back from joy, love and freedom. Healing isn't always easy, but it can be much simpler than the world has made it.

Old & New Paradigm of Emotional Healing

In western medicine there are many different types of talk therapy. These methods are based on the premise of healing emotional trauma through the conscious mind. Even though it can be helpful for people to learn about themselves and their needs through talk therapy, it does not usually help a person to feel different in a short amount of time. People many times leave talk therapy having a new understanding, but feeling the same.

With Energy Healing, we focus on helping the individual to feel relief first, by identifying and healing the deeper root causes to their pain. When an individual feels relief, their awareness shifts which helps them open to new understandings of their situation which then offers greater healing both mentally and emotionally.

This emotional healing is usually exactly what the body needs for physical healing too. When the energy of the body is understood and healed, it leads to physical wellness too.

Message From Tiffany Lenhard

So often I see people suffering, not knowing where to start when it comes to healing from their past. The truth is that our society has not done a great job in helping to raise emotional awareness from a young age. Many people start learning about their emotional health much later in life, after they have already been struggling.

My desire is for people to know that healing does not have to be a difficult and drawn out process that takes years. You can start feeling relief today and it's not all on you to figure out how. 

If you have questions, please reach out or check out the FAQ page.
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