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Booking Your Session

- What to Know -
Energy Healing OKC - Body Code Practitioner

Welcome to Online Booking

Online booking is simple and straight forward. Not only will you receive email & text appointment reminders, you'll also be able to effortlessly reschedule should you need.

Why is there only one type of service?

The one service offering is mainly done to keep booking simple, but also because most people don't know what they need when they are asking for help. Even when they think they may know what is needed, in session additional imbalances are discovered that need to be cleared in order to support their healing process. 


Tiffany will go over this in session, but for now you can rest easy knowing that your subconscious understands the root cause of what you'd like help with. It has your back and sessions follow the guidance it gives which is uniquely tailored to you.


Many people come in with emotional/physical conditions that are similar to others like depression, anxiety, physical pain, digestive issues etc. However healing is not a one-size-fits-all. Each individual is unique and your subconscious is the key to understanding what is needed for you.

What to book if it's your first time?

To make it simple as possible, you will look for the option that includes "New Client Individual Session."

You will choose this even if you have received healing through another practitioner. This is because Tiffany works in a unique way and when you come in for a first-time visit with her, she will perform an initial evaluation. This is not a physical evaluation but an energetic one in which Tiffany measures a few key places in your energy field that shows her your health, both physically and emotionally. It points out the necessary areas for her to be aware of during your session which helps to provide the most comprehensive healing.

In-Office Session or Phone Session?

This too is as simple as it sounds. You can choose to receive this healing service from the comfort of your home or if you prefer, in-office where you will meet Tiffany in person.

The healing is the same in both options. The reason for the phone option is that many prefer to stay home and not drive, but relax after sessions. This can be helpful for those that are disabled or are in pain. Phone sessions are also helpful for those that travel or are called out of town last minute.

The reason for the in-office option is that many people are not 100% comfortable with not being able to meet Tiffany in person. They want to meet who they are working with and this helps build trust for them. It builds connection and helps them feel seen and heard. If you are one of these people, you are in good company. About 60% of sessions are in-office.

Why is prepayment required?

Prepayment helps both you and Tiffany. By prepaying for phone sessions, you help keep your information private and secure so your information is not shared over the phone.

By prepaying for in-office sessions, Tiffany is able to focus solely on you and your energy field and how she can help you. This takes a tremendous amount of presence and concentration and it helps her give you her best.

If you have questions, please reach out or check out the FAQ page.

Energy Healing OKC
Offers In-Office Healing Sessions by Appointment Only

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