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Frequently asked questions

Why choose Body Code with Tiffany over other modalities of healing?

Many energy healers can balance your energy field and release negative energy, however Tiffany brings the unique skill of being able to identify and transmute energy rapidly. So rapidly that what would take several sessions to clear with another practitioner, Tiffany can clear in just one session. For this reason, pricing also differs from other practitioners/modalities and becomes significantly more cost effective for you in the long run and can save you precious time and unneeded pain. Her goal is to give you the most transformational experience in the shortest amount of time, for the greatest results.

Does this energy healing therapy work over long distances? Is the therapy any stronger when I am in person with you?

Energy healing offers the same amazing benefits regardless if it’s a long distance healing session or in-person. The perk of long distance healing is that you will be in a comfortable environment of your choosing and will not need to drive after your session. This can be beneficial for those who would like to relax and enjoy being in the moment after the session ends.

How does it work?

Body Code is based on the understanding that everything is energy: our thoughts, emotions and physical make up. With this knowledge it is easy to see how certain emotions, memories and feelings can influence our ability to create optimal health and well-being. By using muscle testing and communicating with the subconscious mind to identify the underlying imbalance of stress and illness, this negative energy can be cleared within seconds. This happens because until an imbalance is identified, it is locked within the body and able to hide. However when you identify the imbalance, it can no longer hide and automatically shifts to the surface of the body to be cleared rapidly. After one imbalance is cleared, the subconscious moves onto the next until no more imbalances can be cleared in the body until a client has had time to process the shift.

Where is this therapy from? How does it work?

Body Code was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, who developed this energy healing method during his years as a doctor in chiropractic medicine. For more information, visit https://discoverhealing.com/about/dr-bradley-nelson/

Is this healing work the same as Reiki therapy?

The main difference between Reiki and Body Code are predominantly seen in how a session’s length of time varies. Body Code is a faster-pace healing that allows for direct communication with the subconscious through muscle testing. By identifying the underlying cause of imbalance with muscle testing and then clearing the imbalance with healing energy, it rapidly reduces the amount of time needed to restore the body to optimal conditions. In many cases just 15 min of Body Code can heal well beyond what is possible in a whole hour of Reiki Therapy. This in itself is a transformational experience and is why the cost of a session is not based on time taken, but by the amount of healing possible in a Body Code session. In other words, you could schedule a full hour of healing with a Reiki practitioner, however it is very likely that you will have greater healing effects in just 15 min of Body Code.

How soon can I expect results?

Restoration and balance happens in layers. You can’t force it, and it’s not possible to provide any guarantees. Some people have what they consider a “miraculous” outcome the first time they utilize The Body Code. Others take several weeks or months before their main concern may be resolved. Sometimes the more serious the problem is, the longer it can take to get results. But that is not always the case! Certified Body Code Practitioners can release anything that is standing in the way of your happiness, abundance or health and release it. Just stick with it and allow changes to happen when your mind, body and spirit are ready. - Discover Healing Website

Did Tiffany get any training in this line of work?

Yes, in order to be a Certified Body Code Practitioner it is required to submit over 100 client sessions for evaluation in addition to taking an extensive 6 month training course. Before Body Code Certification, Tiffany had been a Certified Reiki Master where she studied under Oklahoma City’s local Reiki Master, Merrill Scott, in 2015.

Are you certified in energy healing work?

Yes, Tiffany Lenhard is a Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner as well as being a Certified Reiki Master.

What can I expect as a result of receiving energy healing?

Healing looks different for everyone and the results vary based on what your individual intention for healing is. Whether it be emotional or physical health or even financial or relationship renewal, energy healing offers the ability to clear out the negative energy that is blocking your ability to have the life you desire.

What is your cancellation policy?

We offer a 24 hour cancellation period, where as long as you cancel 24 hours before your session, your cost will be fully refunded.

Are there any healing reactions to this energy therapy?

Healing is different for everyone whether choosing to heal or through alternative therapies or western medicine such as surgery. When healing with Body Code, Tiffany is identifying and clearing the negative energies that have been contributing to the area of life you wish to heal. When this happens it reduces the negative energetic burden on the mental/emotional/physical body and thus allows the body to begin to heal itself as it was always designed to do without the negative interference. How your body heals is unique to you and cannot be compared with another’s healing experience.

Do you provide bulk discounts if I buy a package?

There are no bulk session discounts, however if you are not new to energy healing and are ready to completely transform an area of your life (romance/financial), please email: info@energyhealingokc.com and inquire about our transformational healing options.

What areas of my life can I heal with energy healing?

Energy healing has the capability to transform all areas of life: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. It can also help you reach and maintain your financial goals as well as improve your relationships whether familial or romantic. Everything is energy and there are usually underlying imbalances to every block you are experiencing in life. Identifying these areas and clearing the imbalances can dramatically increase your chances of success and happiness.

How far away do you practice energy healing on your clients?

Tiffany Lenhard helps clients all over the globe and there is no limitation on the healing she provides no matter how far the distance. For additional inquiries, reach out via contact form or call: (405) 708-0343

Why are longer healing sessions not offered?

With the Body Code healing technique, negative energies are identified and released with such precision that the body is able to let each energy go in a matter of seconds. Traditionally this has not been the case with other healing modalities which can take 5-10 minutes just to release one energy. The reason for the difference is that when we identify and know exactly what needs to be cleared, there is no resistance from the body (it's identified and the unknown is not scary to look at and clear anymore). The body sees it and is ready to let go. With other modailites, when a negative energy is not identified it can take many minutes of sending it light and love before the body feels safe to release it. This is the main difference in why the release time is different. For this reason when we are using Body Code techniques, it only takes about 15 minutes of healing before the body is "at capacity" for healing. Meaning it needs several days to process the changes and heal naturally now that it's no longer blocked/inhibited before it can receive another session. There is a dentist joke that says: an appt for a tooth being pulled will be $500. The dentist can take 30 min or he can take 4 hours to make it look worth it. What would you choose? The healing session will not be painful like the tooth pulling, but it's interesting how people can put value on time rather than value on healing alone when it comes to the cost of a healing session. Not all healing is created equal and not all healing will take the same time.