Energy Healing OKC: Body Code Practitioner Tiffany in Oklahoma

Meet Tiffany Lenhard

Energy Healer

Tiffany is a Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner as well as a Certified Reiki Master. She loves helping local clients and she also works remotely to provide distance healing for clients all over the globe!


Whether you are seeking emotional or physical healing, Tiffany is able to identify and clear the underlying energetic causes of stress on the body that block it's natural ability to heal.

Wherever you are on your healing journey, health and well-being has never been simpler than allowing your own body to heal itself the way it was designed to.


True healing comes from within. Bring your body back into alignment and create the optimal conditions for your ultimate wellness and happiness today!

Energy Healing OKC

- Health and Well-being -

Why Energy Healing?

It can help with

Energy Healing OKC - Body Code Practitioner
Emotional Health

Let go of the stuck emotions crippling your happiness and well-being.

Financial Health

Clear the limiting beliefs and patterns holding you back from financial success.

Alleviate Pain

Release pain by clearing the underlying energetic imbalance.

Relationship Health

Free yourself from unhealthy relationship patterns. Leave your past behind and clear the baggage getting in the way of fulfilling and lasting connection and happiness.

Release Stress

Let go of anxiety and pent up stressors that are causing lack of sleep and overwhelm.

Physical Health

Rediscover optimal health by clearing the energetic blocks wreaking havoc on your immune system, glands and organs.

Energy Healing Therapy & Energy Work in Oklahoma City

What is Energy Healing Therapy?

Energy healing therapy is also known as energy healing or energy therapy, has emerged on its own from under the umbrella of complementary and alternative medicine in its own right as an effective alternative therapy. Energy healing is not a recent or modern approach or concept. The origins of the practice were used by many civilizations in ancient history dating back thousands of years. It was used during the early formation of Christianity, and it also has roots in other Eastern and Western religions. 

Energy work was used quite often as a treatment approach in medicine. Many ancient medical practitioners believed that when a person’s energy was not in balance, the physical body became sick, developed health symptoms, and/or affected their personal lives in different ways.

In many Asian countries, medical practitioners believed that the only way a person could recover from physical illness or disease was if their energy was balanced. For example, Japan and China were two Asian countries that created a medical system that was based on the body’s energy levels.

Body Code Practitioner

Are you searching by “bode code practitioner near me” Tiffany Lenhard, is certified in the Body Code Therapy and Emotion Code Therapy way of healing.  She is also a certified Reiki Practitioner.  She likes to perform energy healing through her body code session and the Body code way as it is much more effective and the results it produces are amazing with her clients.  Emotions, trauma, and memories get trapped in your body and start to cause all types of symptoms.  These energy blockages manifest in not only body symptoms, but they also can affect your relationships, finances and overall well being. So try her body code service today!

Our Energy Healing Therapy Focuses On:

  • Achieving Emotional Well-Being

  • Clearing Negative Stagnant Energy/Emotions

  • Working With Your Sub-conscious

  • Emotion Code Session

Energy healing therapy takes many different forms, we do not deny that. but it is typically defined as one part of complementary and alternative medicine. The type of energy healing therapy we practice, utilizes diverse techniques to shift the energy that is within the body. The purpose of the therapy is to stabilize, disperse negative energy and realign your bodies energy levels to optimum levels.  Tiffany gets rid of energy blockages, trapped emotions, heals traumatic emotional baggage and helps align the persons energy for optimal well-being. 

Energy can become stagnate around the areas of the body that are injured, or even around the heart if there is emotional pain. These energy blocks can cause illness and disease over time, and result in more stress in your daily life. 

Energy Healing Benefits Experienced:

  • Better sleep

  • Lower Emotional Stress

  • Alleviate Back Pain

  • Boost Immune System

  • Promotes Deep Relaxation

  • Emotional Well-Being

  • Headaches Gone

  • More Driven, Achieve More In Professional Life

  • Less Hesitation Going For Your Goals

  • More Productive

  • De-Personalization Healed

  • Less Anger

  • Less Reactive

  • Happier

  • Depression Lifted

  • Anxiety Gone

Trapped emotions are an energy that can cause anxiety, depression, and a host of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual issues. By releasing and clearing these emotions through energy healing therapy, the body will have its energy balanced in place to heal and operate at its optimum levels. 

Give us a call and get started with your healing journey!

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- Testimonials -

“Tiffany is friendly, comforting and dedicated to helping! She helped me release the stuck emotions that were holding me back. I was impressed with what she was able to pick up on and how relieved I felt afterwards. Thanks to her I don’t feel the stuck emotions around my heart anymore, and I couldn’t be happier!”

— Taylor, Albuquerque

Energy Healing OKC
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