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Couples Sessions

In the same way that people need individual healing, they can also benefit from healing with their significant other.

What You'll Experience

Couples sessions are extremely unique and dymaic in what they offer for healing. 

Withing a relationship, this is an incredible capacity for love and acceptance, but not everyone is able to surrender and let that relationship open them up to the best vertions of themselves. When done with conscious intent, relationship and propel you forward into more of.. the you that you are looking for.

The reality is that love heals. People many times forget the healing capacity within their relationship and they struggle to heal on their own. The general idea is that people work on themselves and then they are the best them in a relationship.

This isn't the way healing needs to be. The fact is that presence and love opens us up to deeper and deeper healing just by being present with our loved ones.

However many people cannot hold this level of presence without help. At least not at first. That's were couples sessions come in. Tiffany facilities a beautiful ... healing of energy fields. As one person open up and release a .... their partner then is able to drop into healing even more. This back and forth healing exchange continues throught the session for the most supported and healing expereince possible.

This looks different for every couple in term of how this exchange plays out. The energy healing is very similar accross the board, but some couple are more self-aware than others. Also, what each couple needs and the topics that will come up to heal will be different every time.

Fort these reasons, just like indiviual sessions vary, so too do couples sessions. Below are a few different expereinces you could have during your session with Tiffany.


Similar to the processing that takes place in an Individual Session, you will have several days that you may not feel yourself. Most people feel light and like they are having a shift, occasionally feeling some heaviness.

The difference with Couples Sessions however this that both you and your partner will be processing this beautiful healing experience together. With concious couples, this is a tremendously supportive and loving time. B

After processing you can check in with how you feel and what is now new or different. Sometimes you notice you are doing everyday tasks differently or communicating with others in a new way. The shift can be subtle and affect some areas of life sooner than others. These are the small ways in which you see your life start to change from the inside, out.

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Couples Healing Experiences

Deeper Connection

There is a common misunderstanding within couples. As the years pass, some couples grow closer together and other couples seem to hit a plateau. Nothing is wrong but somehow the connection doesn't feel the same.

Often if the couple doesn't know what is happening, this can lead to discouragement and trying to find out what is wrong. However couples can many times ... find themselves in... rather than finding the solution.

This is because the solutions is not what it seems.

Feeling Seen & Supported

Each person has an innate connection with their own body and energy. Some people feel this connection more deeply than others and are not always sure what it means so they can end up doubting or dismissing it.

It may come up in session for you to direct your awareness to the topic being worked on. Sometimes this is a body area, like the heart. Other times it could be to bring awareness to a relationship and to notice what is happening inside your body when certain topics come up.

This helps give you the tools you need to recognize when your body & awareness are telling you something you need to know. Like all sessions, the intention is for a client to have lasting change. In this case, it's about building your awareness so you always have it for future situations. 


This experience appears for the over-thinker and over-doer. Often new clients will come in for a session because they have exhausted all typical western-medicine therapies and don't know what else to do. They are at their end and need a different kind of help than they've ever tried before.

Grace is when you don't have to try so hard anymore. You can surrender and let yourself be loved and supported. It's not all on you to figure out.

In these sessions there is communication like the Subconscious & Conscious sessions. However it's in a different way. Usually the information that comes through is very clear that the person is meant to stop trying so hard. They are meant to relax & receive. Anything that could make them feel like there is more work to do would be counter intuitive.


The message is simple: remember grace. There is a deep subconscious clearing that needs not be understood. 

Anything is Possible

Every so often a client doesn't know why they are meant to have a session, but they know to. These people usually come in completely open to whatever shows up to heal.

In these sessions, what comes up to heal is usually not what they thought would come up and it can bring about amazing change in their life.

It works like this because many times people think they know what is getting in their way and what they need to work on to create change. If you've ever heard the term "getting out of your own way," this is it. 


About 90% of clients notice a shift after the first session. Whether you feel an immediate shift has a lot to do with the level of awareness you have for yourself and your experiences in life.

Some people are not self aware, but they notice when pain goes away or a physical symptom changes.

For most people, 1-3 sessions will give them a significant improvement in whatever area they are seeking help with. For other clients, they'll continue for 6-8 sessions because they are looking for a deeper transformation. This happens when a person is ready to completely transform an area of life like relationships or career. This can also be the case when recovering from a traumatic childhood or having unhealthy coping patterns.

Remember, every person is unique and every session is unique to the emotional layers of healing needed.

If you still have questions or would like more information, please book a consult and let us know how we can help.

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