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How a person heals through the process of grief has more to do with the subconscious mind than people realize. Everyone processes grief differently and for most people, they will become stuck in a loop rather than being able to heal in a healthy way. This loop looks different for everyone. Some will feel disconnected, like they are spinning out, which can even feel a bit manic when they are not sleeping well and constantly feel they need to "go-go-go." Others can feel the opposite where they are stuck in a loop of not being able to get out of bed, feeling a lack of motivation and not knowing how to carry on. Both of these experiences are normal with grief and both of these have more in common than people understand.

We learn a lot about grief from symptoms, but also from the energy field and the subconscious mind. When there is a past experience that has not been processed or misunderstood, the subconscious mind can perform similar to an energy circuit that has an open loop. It is never able to fully compute and resolve the process until the loop closes and has a way to complete itself.

An example of this is when people experience grief as child. Children can have a hard time understanding what death and loss are. Because of this they often form faulty conclusions or are not able to process grief altogether. That broken understanding can leave them vulnerable as adults when they face grief in a new way.

Western Medicine prescribes talk therapy for healing and this can be helpful to understand yourself and your situation. It can help to have an outsider's view point and see what's really happening. Group therapy can also be helpful because when we have others to connect with, it supports healing through feeling connected.

These two therapies can help your conscious understanding which can then help you begin to change your beliefs and face your grief, but depending on the underlying energy blockages, it can feel like it's not helping as much as you need.

If you are in one of the two experiences of grief mentioned at the beginning of this blog, energy healing is recommended. Whether you are doing self-guided meditations and journaling, or you are seeing a professional, energy healing will help to shift your subconscious beliefs which will then help grief be able to process, instead of cycling the same feelings day after day.

How Does Energy Healing Help?

With energy healing, the conscious mind is bypassed in order to understand what the subconscious beliefs are which contribute to your ability to heal. Negative beliefs or shock can cause a faulty belief system that does not allow a person to work through their current grief.

When people receive energy healing, they are unlocking the false conditioning at the core of the problem, which then helps their system be open to healthier change. This creates healing and helps people face and be present with their grief.

When people stop "looping" and are able to be with their grief, healing & relief come.

For more information on self healing, visit our blog.

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