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Finding Yourself

Life has a way of guiding you back to yourself. Usually one of the first ways people realize they need a change is when they recognize that they've been "going through the motions." They wake up one day and realize they don't feel like themselves and wonder what happened. When did that start? When did they stop enjoying life? When did they lose their spark? And more importantly, how do they find it again?

Some people will try to get back to themselves by starting up old hobbies that used to bring them joy to see if that can reignite that spark. Others will do soul searching and work to discover what happened and how they can feel more themselves again.

In the first scenario, they are working to resolve the conflict from the outside in. In other words, they are hurting on the inside and are working to resolve the issue by making changes on the outside first. With the second scenario, they are doing the inner work to identify where and how they got lost which usually involves changing from the inside first. Both of these ways offer value and can help create a shift. This is how the conscious mind works to initiate healing.

In addition to the conscious work, it's important to access subconscious healing too. But before sharing tools that can help, it's important to understand the energetic dynamics of your subconscious mind and what is happening when you feel lost and not yourself. This is where you learn the role your energy has in the healing process.

One of the biggest factors why a person does not feel like themselves is what Body Code calls an "Unhappy Heart." This is where the energetic heart can have a build up of hurt over the years which causes it to vibrate at the frequency of the hurt rather than a person's own frequency. It's your own frequency that helps you feel more and more yourself. When you feel your own frequency, it's like you've "come home." Even though life may not be perfect, you feel like yourself and there's peace which then helps you navigate any of life's challenges that arise.

Facing challenges from a happy heart is noticeably different because when your heart is happy, you can hear yourself better. Your intuition flows more naturally and you frequently know what do even though it may not always make sense to your mind. It's that inner calling that is unique to you. Your inner voice.

After all, not being able to hear your inner voice is part of the reason you feel lost too.

So how does a happy heart become unhappy?

Energetically, this experience is very straightforward. It has everything to do with the heart and the layers of emotional pain that have added up.

When life happens it's natural to take things personally and have hurt build up in the heart itself. The first one or two experiences may not affect a person so much, but when pain starts to build up is where people can find it harder and harder to move forward or heal. This is how a person can begin to feel numb or like they have lost their spark. The heart itself can begin to energetically not function like it typically does.

This is the most important factor. Many people don't realize their heart's role in their lives and how important it is to keep the heart happy. Happiness here does not refer to a happy go-lucky and never taking anything seriously or getting hurt.

Rather keeping a heart happy means keeping it cleared of emotional clutter so it can keep processing the deep experiences people have in life. Both the loving experiences and those of grief.

Your heart is the center of every relationship connection you have in life and it determines how much love, support and healing you let in. It also determines how "you" you feel. If your heart is blocked or heavy, you can begin to feel disconnected. Generally the more disconnected a person feels, the more unloved or unsupported they feel, which can cause a snowball effect. However most people don't realize what is happening until one day they wake up unhappy. This isn't a mistake. Your heart is letting you know it needs attention. That something is off.

The second biggest contributor to why a person does not feel like themselves is usually due to the energetic wall that gets built up around the heart over time. This is called a Heart Wall. and it creates many of the same experiences an unhappy heart does.

By default the heart wall not only disconnects people from others, but it also begins to disconnect that person from their own heart and their intuitive knowing. They can become cloudy and unable to access that part of themselves that knows who they are and what they want in life.

Another dynamic that happens when a person has a heart wall is that their ability to feel connected with others diminishes. This is important for many reasons, but in terms of finding yourself, feeling disconnected from others matters because that natural connection with others offer an innate feeling of being loved and supported. You don't have to try, you just are loved and supported. When this happens there is an innate sense of stability and feeling safe; you can be you. It is that broadcast of love and support all around you that supports the process of feeling like it's okay to be yourself that can be paramount in your journey to finding you. Without it, that disconnection can make you feel unsure of that love and support in addition to feeling lost and unsure of who you are.

Stability and a happy heart go a long way in feeling safe to discover more of yourself and invite back in that creativity and that spark that comes from the vibration of you, free and clear.

So how can you help shift this?

Yes energy healing can help, but you can also explore other options to help you feel more yourself that don't involve the conscious work. From the Healing Relationships blog you've heard about techniques such as meditation, breathwork and Journaling.

Those are great places to start and you can even combine both meditation and breathwork by visualizing breathing love and healing light into your heart. Try this exercise:

As you breathe, imagine the light of your breath becoming so bright that it fills the whole heart. Practice relaxing your entire body as you do this and then imagine that healing light overflowing into your whole body and fill it up with this love. This practice can take as little as 5 minutes a day. Some might find themselves spending more time with this practice as the layers begin to dissolve and healing is taking place.

For more self-healing techniques, take a look at these 3 blogs that you can dive deeper:

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How can Energy Healing help?

Energy healing bypasses the conscious mind and helps a person heal from the inside so they can start to feel different immediately. When a person feels more themselves, it's easier to feel their creative spark and begin to live life from that place naturally again. They begin to flow and feel like they have themselves back.

A good time to inquire about energy healing is when you are feeling "stuck." This is when you have been doing the activities to be present with your heart and your emotions, but perhaps don't feel anything changing and are lost on how to progress.

This is when an energy healing session can help clear those deeper connections that can be difficult to access on one's own. Working with the subconscious mind through energy healing is very direct and it knows which emotional layers are connected to these deeper root causes. In session your conscious awareness is brought into the healing experience too. You begin to understand the patterns and core layers of hurt that have built up in a certain way to become what they are today.

People are meant to be able to process their feelings and connect deeply with others and heal. It can be tough to navigate when they are already feeling unhappy and disconnected though. This happens because when they are focusing on opening up to love, they can also be triggered by past limiting beliefs or struggles that said this was not safe etc.

Through energy healing, these negative energies are identified and cleared so you can feel more you. When you feel more you, you heal. When you heal, you can hear your inner voice better. One healing leads to another and you become more confident and more expressive. You know yourself better and what you desire. What lights you up. You feel more free and supported which opens up to greater expression and so on.

Finding yourself all starts with your energy. If you'd like help, click here to get started.

finding yourself


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