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Healing Relationships

Being in a relationship can be one of the most rewarding and supportive experiences when people are consciously growing together and on their own.

Many times as people grow, they find themselves growing apart or realize that life struggles can pull them apart if they are not actively making the effort to stay connected. Staying connected is easier said than done when major life challenges get in the way and both individuals have different coping and communication styles. Different backgrounds and different ways of navigating conflict often leave people not knowing how to overcome differences and where to begin working through those challenges.

Couples that chose to face their issues usually find themselves in a pile of self-help books or counseling. Both are helpful for maturing, where they can begin to understand themselves and their partners. They learn about coping mechanisms and healthier patterns to adopt. They learn about communication styles and what is helpful and what is not helpful as they work to make a positive change.

In these scenarios, all this work is done from the conscious mind. There is no substitute for this learning and it can be powerful in overcoming differences and bringing you and your loved one closer.

There is a time when conscious work is just not enough to create actual change though. It can be exhausting turning over every metaphorical stone in search of the issue, how to resolve it and actually make strides in changing behaviors without more pain. This is when counseling can take years instead of months. Then just when some issues are beginning to resolve, it may seem like there are more mountains to climb as deeper layers are uncovered and more challenges arise.

If you've ever found yourself feeling at a loss for what to do in these moments, you are not alone and there are more resources available to you than you know. Subconscious healing is becoming a new focus that helps with those deeper, unknown layers.

You can add into your routine a guided meditation that will help you relax as your deeper emotions surface and heal. You can do a breathwork class where you let go of your thoughts and let your breath heal your body as you imagine oxygen filling every cell. Journaling can also be healing as you keep writing down your feelings until you access those deeper subconscious layers. All these concepts work with the subconscious mind to help you begin to let go of the deep hurts causing you and your loved ones to not be able to connect like you used to.

When in an energy healing session, Tiffany is able to understand the flow of energy between you and your partner. Each person has an effect on this flow. Sometimes a person's energy is encouraging connection, but often when stressed, coping mechanisms are triggered which can cause separation. These coping mechanisms commonly create the exact opposite of the very need a person desires. When this happen most people will trigger their partner's coping mechanism and each will become more hurt, further separating the bond.

The conscious work mentioned above can be the greatest contributor to healing in these scenarios because it can help you understand what is happening in the moment, take responsibility and change your patterns. But sometimes patterns don't change easily or even when they do, the relationship just feels "off" and the couple cannot figure out how to repair it or get their connection back.

This is where Tiffany comes in. She is able to work with your subconscious to identify exactly where the energy is disconnected as well as address the underlying root cause of separation through energy healing. When the root layers are healed, the connection mends on its own because a feeling of safety is formed naturally again.

These sessions are not limited to couples only. Every relationship is important and sometimes the relationship that needs most mending is not with your partner, but your parent or your child. Perhaps your best friend or sibling or maybe even your ex or business partner. Every relationship has a flow to it and each person has their own participation in this dynamic that either encourages harmony or promotes the opposite.

If you are looking for that next step in healing your relationship, book a consult or couples session today. Find out how to help you and your loved one heal from your past and become closer.

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Healing Your Connection


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