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How to Release Trapped Emotions

Many people have a “love/hate” relationships with their emotions. They love the great feelings of bliss, joy, and happiness, but they get overwhelmed when a negative emotion surfaces thus the “love/hate.”

This post is to serve as a light of hope for those that struggle with this back and forth feeling because the truth is that all of our emotions are lovable and I’m about to clarify why this inner emotional struggle exists.

So why does it exist? Because on some level, people have made negative emotions “wrong.” They have made these emotions the source of their pain and thus these emotions have become the source of their pain.  People use negative habits like drugs, alcohol, binge eating, excess work etc. to suppress these emotions.  That is the wrong way to do it.  Listen to your body!

The reality is that emotions were never meant to hurt you. They are a useful guidance system to gauge what you are feeling and what action steps to take to honor yourself and your feelings.

When you are feeling upset over something, it is likely not the emotional turmoil that is bringing you pain, but what’s underlying this that has caused the emotional reaction.

This is important to grasp before I share how to release trapped emotions because then truth is that when you can stop making the negative emotions bad, you will stop resisting them when they surface. And when you stop resisting and let go of the need to stuff them away.. you stop trapping them.

Before you discover how to release trapped emotions, it is good to have an awareness of why you have trapped emotions and how to love yourself and your emotions. You can start to do this by seeing them as what they are: guidance.

How to Release Trapped Emotions:

The release of emotions is actually quite simple. So simple in fact that you’ll wonder how you’ve been burdened by emotional overwhelm for so long. There are a couple of key steps that you can master that will make this release simple AND easy.

1) Learn how to feel the love in your heart at “will call.” This means that you can call on this love at any time and any place. The way I tell my clients to foster this feeling is by meditating. Picture a golden light in your heart and remember a time that made you infinitely happy or full of love. Really focus on the feeling that this memory evokes. Once you have a good sense of this feeling, begin to see if you can let go of the memory and just feel the feeling. Then start to practice calling in the feeling throughout the day at random times. Can you feel the love bloom out from your heart like a golden light?

When you have mastered this, you’ll be able to call on it even when you are overwhelmed with negative emotions. It doesn’t matter what is happening, you’ll be able to feel the love in your heart and be able to expand it out through your whole body and let the love energy heal you.

2) After you’ve master step one, the next step is identifying what emotion is causing you stress. This can be done by just asking questions until you have an awareness of the emotion.

When an emotion is trapped, in a way it’s hidden from view and understanding. When you ask it questions, you are calling it out and it cannot hide within the body anymore. By identifying it and giving it a name, it starts to come to the surface of the body where it is extremely easy to clear. You can clear just about anything on the surface with intention and love.

After you’ve identified the emotion and have an awareness of it, call in love. Let this love engulf this negative emotion and transmute it into love.

That’s it! It is that simple.

At first, it may not feel easy until you have mastered step one, but when you do, loving yourself through your healing process will become one of the most powerful self-healing remedies in your tool belt.

In order to release a trapped emotion, think of it as mentioned above: dissolving it into nothing but love. Another way to say this is by transmuting the emotion. Releasing an emotion is powerful, but transmuting it back into love is the ultimate clearing and I hope all learn how to do this by following step one.

A large part of my healing practice is transmuting the negative emotions that are causing clients’ pain and suffering. When it’s as simple as what’s written above, why would people go to a healer?

Extra Help

A common reason that people come in for a session is that sometimes they are really “in it.” They are bogged down and have gotten to a place where they need a bit of extra help creating the mental and emotional space to be able to even begin looking at self-healing techniques.


Clients are ready to release in 20 minutes what could take them a much longer time to do on their own. The work I do is incredibly fast and succinct. In just minutes we are able to get to core issues and release patterns keeping clients locked in struggle. For most people working to self-heal, these same few minutes of work could take months or years on one’s own depending on how much a person has advanced their own healing abilities. The only reason it is faster when working with a certified emotion code professional as opposed to self-healing is experience, is that we know where to look and what questions to ask. For me, it’s the combination of years of experience helping others and passion to make a difference that leads to results.


Sometimes no matter how good you are at transmuting and self-love, you get tripped up by something you just can’t seem to put your finger on. This is when it really helps to have a third-party who knows all the right questions to ask. In every field people chose an expert for a reason, whether it’s going to a mechanic, a financial planner, and yes an energy healer.

Take the example of a mechanic:

You can Youtube how to change your oil and begin common practices for caring for your vehicle. If there is an issue with the transmission however, by trying to Youtube it, you could not only spend excess time, energy and stress on it, but you could also have some hiccups along the way. It's not to say you can't do it yourself, but when you're already stressed, call in a bit of help to set you on the right path again and then continue on your way of learning what to do next through your self-care practices.

If you feel like it's hard to get rid of those excess emotions weighing you down, give us a call and book a healing session.  We are here to help you on your healing journey.


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