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Stuck Emotions

In Everything is Energy, you saw how emotions affect water and our energetic make up. Now it's time to talk about trapped emotions, how they get lodged in your energy field and the impact that has on you.

Stuck emotions are pure energy that vibrate at negative/lower frequencies.

You process many emotions over your lifetime. It's the cycle of life and it's completely normal to have emotions! What's not good is when you are unable to process an emotion and it gets stuck in your field for "later." Your energy field does this for the short term effect of protecting you from the overwhelm of negative frequencies. But those frequencies are not meant to stay there forever!

Think of your physical body and how it protects you from toxins. For short term, immediate protection your body finds excess energy and creates fat to wrap around the toxins. It then stores them in your body so they won't create overload and harm you by floating around in your system wreaking havoc. However, these are not meant to stay stored and will create physical harm if not eventually processed and released.

In that very same way, when you cannot process a negative emotion, your energy field will protect you by storing it for "later," until a time when you can process and release it. It becomes a trapped emotion.

The issue is that most people don't go looking for their emotional baggage to clear it up once it's no longer directly overwhelming them. They've spent too much time on the past already and don't want to waste another moment on it. And who can blame them!

Yet whether aware of it or not, your field is constantly vibrating at these different frequencies (anxiety, depression, etc.) which has a major effect on your mental and emotional state. Depending on where these emotions are stored, they can lead to a whole array of physical issues too.

The most important take away is that trapped emotions are meant to be a short-term-only protection. And the long term effects of holding onto these harmful vibrations can be a harsh wake-up call.

Harmful emotional energies can cause mental stress and anxiety and block people from experiencing love and happiness. They can make you feel disconnected from others and lead to depression and loneliness.

And since these emotions are made out of energy just like the whole body, they influence the physical tissue and can cause acute pain and even lead to severe physical issues and illnesses.

Releasing these negative emotions relieves the body of these harmful energies. It allows the body to reorient itself, creating the conditions needed for your body to heal naturally. Physical and emotional difficulties are then able to transform and often disappear, helping you to live a healthier and happier life!

It doesn't need to sabotage your life anymore and you can finally let go. Your relationships can flourish once again. And you can celebrate your successes too!

You can say "hello!" to a life that's progressive. You can open the doors to live life to the fullest, completely free and clear of past overwhelm.

And doesn't that sound amazing?


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