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Top 5 Ways Emotions Get Stuck

The most common ways negative emotions get stuck in your energy field are simply because they were ignored and resisted. Many that learn the Law of Attraction fear they will create negative experiences if they allow negative emotions and they inadvertently stuff them down.

However, negative emotions are not inherently bad and they're not something to immediately reject. They can actually be a powerful source of feedback for what's not working in your life and what needs to change. They show you the gap of where you currently are in life and where you want to be.

When this gap is too great to ignore, the greater the feedback through emotions.

It's when you don't listen to the feedback and do the following that they literally get stuck in your energy field. It is something you can FEEL and it's proof that being stuck is not just in your head. You are STUCK in your emotion.


Here are the Top 5 Ways Emotions Get Stuck:

1) People Make Themselves Wrong

Society has made feeling negative emotions wrong. In effect this has caused people to stuff down their feelings and not work through their emotions in a healthy manner. They feel wrong for having these negative emotions and feel that being angry or depressed or anxious is something to hide.

2) Fear of Attraction

The New Age notion around the Law of Attraction has people fearing that they will attract negative experiences as mentioned above. However, the interesting paradox is that by resisting these natural feelings and not processing them, they actually get stuck in their energy field. This creates the exact OPPOSITE of what they were trying to create by only being positive.

You are human! Emotions are normal and if something comes up, it’s feedback and coming up for a reason. It's an choice for you to see/recognize/face something about you or your current situation.

3) They're Too Busy

People are just too busy so they try to push it away. No really. This happens and it's that simple. They don’t have time to deal with feeling sad, angry or hurt and they push it away because they have to go to work or take care of the kids. There are over 100 reasons people are too busy to take time and look at themselves and what they are feeling.

I get it! It's not always easy to create time for yourself when you are busy taking care of everyone else. That why there's a world of support and professions all dedicated to helping people through their emotions, me included!

4) Justifying their Emotion and Using It for Protection

People will try to mentally justify their emotion and hold onto it. This may sound funny but let me give you an example: The most common way people do this is through being wronged by someone and holding onto it. If a person is feeling resentful towards another, they could choose to let that go and move forward, but many don't. They want to keep the feeling as type of reminder. In some way they think it will protect them from being put in a similar situation in the future.

However, the reality is that this is the exact OPPOSITE of what needs to happen if they don't want to experience a similar situation. By holding onto it, it's a part of their vibration. We all know by now that like energy attracts like energy. This means that by holding onto these emotions, they are in alignment with experiencing the same exact situation that hurt them bad enough to want to protect themselves in the first place.

5) Justifying their Emotion is Invalid

To go along with #4, people will try to justify why the emotion is invalid and they don’t process it by default. Example: I had a client come to me that was having trouble putting together an event to promote her business. When checking her energy to see if there was an emotion blocking her success, one of the emotions that came up was guilt. In our session we found that she put together a huge event the year prior, but she changed the venue shortly before the event. She justified that there was no contract in place with the original venue and it was in her right to cancel last minute.

While this is legally true, our emotions aren't based on hard facts. She felt guilty, but pushed it away in justifying her actions and why guilt was invalid. It then became stuck in her energy field and had been holding her back professionally until it was released.


There are even more ways you can create stuck emotions, but these are the Top 5 I've seen in working with clients.

Like all emotions, you have the ability to recognize and process them. For every person, the approach is unique to them. Some go for a run, some paint and some express themselves through music or other forms of healthy expression. Many find that doing physical activities helps "move energy," allowing them to process easier.

For those that meditate and journal, it can be as simple as accepting where they are and accepting what they are feeling. They can breath through their emotions, all the while knowing that they can make a change.

However you choose to heal and get "unstuck," I'm wishing you a life full of freedom, success and happiness! You can have the life you desire and the Universe is showing you the feedback to help you take action to get there!


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