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When Life Falls Apart

Do you ever feel like you are on a roll and great things are happening in your life... and then you have days that it all just falls apart?

You're not alone.

When you’re consciously creating, you actively seek to make a positive difference in your life.  You create a plan and you stick to it.  You do the mindset work, the feel good techniques, the vision boards and the daily habits to bring you what you desire.

It’s all going great!  Until it doesn’t...

The important key concept that many don’t know is that this actually happens because your drive to create your dreams and feel good IS working!

When things go south, most people assume that they’re doing something wrong or that they're just not cut out for conscious creation.

However, in reality the reason why this happens is because you are choosing your dreams and in fact raising your vibration by feeling good.

When you choose to feel good, it sparks your energy field to LET GO of the lower vibrations. If you try to hold onto both, it would just create LOADS of inner conflict and struggle, making you stressed out and anxious.

When you are adding more happiness and success in your life, the old negatives emotions stuck in your field are at discord with them.  Your energy will choose to automatically release the negative if you continue driving towards your dreams with active focus on the life you DO want.

It’s natural.

When this awesome helping hand shows up, the negative emotions surface and people find it difficult to discern whether they are releasing the old or whether they are unintentionally creating negative.

They go into panic mode when the stuck negative emotions come up and will try to stuff them back down or worse... give up on their dreams thinking they’re just not cut out for it.

The more you become conscious about what your actively focusing on and creating, the more you’ll be able to see that your old negative emotions are indeed healing and there’s nothing to fret about.  Just keep creating!

If you are not actively aware of yourself and your daily habits, seeing life turn upside down is a good time to take a look at what you’re really focusing on and doing that is causing the pitfalls.

You’ll quickly learn if you are indeed creating disorder or if you are off the hook and it’s just the healing process.

In either case, life is showing up for your GOOD.  It’s showing you where you are right now and giving you feedback to help you step into the life you’re wanting to create.

The Universe is always working to give you what you vibrationally align with.

When you ARE in alignment and actively driving towards your goals, aspects of life fall apart to show you the way you are currently living is NOT working for you anymore. Sometimes this very feedback is the exact prompt you need to realize you need change.

And from this mental shift, you begin to have clarity and direction again. You know what you want and now you can take the action steps to get there.


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