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Is Your Heart Blocked?

14 out of 15 people have a wall around their heart. This may sound strange, but the reality is that most people experience some sort of emotional trauma throughout their lives and to protect themselves they subconsciously put up an energetic wall around their heart. This wall serves as a buffer between themselves and whoever/whatever caused them pain.

Can you remember a painful situation that left you with grief or sadness? Or maybe a time that you felt deeply betrayed, rejected or abandoned?

You've learned the Top 5 Ways Emotions Get Stuck and similar to this, emotions can also become stuck when you are in deep shock and unable to process what you are feeling. When the pain is too deep and you go into survival mode, you subconsciously store these emotions and create a barrier around your heart. This barrier between you and the world is made up of the exact emotions that got stuck and it’s called a Heart Wall.

When you experience painful emotions like these, it's easy to want to protect yourself from similar future experiences by putting up a wall. And for a brief time this wall DOES serve you by triggering your pain to alert you whenever you maybe stepping into similar situations.

Your Heart Wall is the built-in, natural defense system when you do not have the understanding and ability to stay away from similar harmful situations. The only way your system knows how to signal your attention is to build these painful negative emotions into a Heart Wall, building up your defense against whatever would harm you that you cannot say "no" to.

Eventually, with this pain being triggered so many times, you will learn not to attract and re-experience these situations. This is called self growth.

However, the obstacle that many don't realize is that these Heart Walls don't disappear on their own. Even after you've grown through your past traumas, your Heart Wall remains intact. It's only through conscious healing that these walls can be healed.

When your Heart Wall goes unhealed it will actually begin to have a negative impact and block you from what your heart truly desires in life.

In essence, your heart is blocked.

Similar to the way you outgrow anything in life, your block is meant to be outgrown too. When you first learn to bike, you have training wheels. These wheels help you establish your balance and speed, all the while learning to steer with clear direction.

However, there comes a time when the very training wheels that helped you get your bearings become the very obstacle that holds you back from growing and reaching greater goals.

In this same way, your Heart Wall taught you how to cope. However, when left unhealed it will continue to not only be the buffer between you and the painful experiences, but also between you and the good experiences. Every experience in life will be met through the barrier of all of your Heart Wall stuck emotions (grief, fear, depression, anxiety, longing, unworthiness, frustration etc).

Can you imagine what this does to your personal relationships? Whenever you send out love or try to connect with another, you will be connecting through these stored negative feelings.

Think of a time in your life where you were in a good situation and knew that you should be feeling loved or safe, but you just couldn't open up and trust? Or maybe there was a time you felt lonely and disconnected from others, but you just didn't know how to reach out and feel a sense of belonging.

There are countless situations where people feel disconnected or unable to open up and these are usually all indicators of having a Heart Wall. When you have outgrown your past, you feel this way because you are being guided to see that you no longer need to protect yourself and you can open up to love again.

The problem is that it is incredibly difficult to have flourishing relationships when you are feeling everything through the negative emotions guarding your heart.

Even worse, when you are meant to outgrow your Heart Wall you begin to see all the ways you are attracting the very experiences that match the stuck emotions around your heart. This happens simply because you are a vibration match for lower vibrations when you are not letting go of them too. You worked through all of your past pain, yet you will continue to loop the same painful feelings that make up your Heart Wall until you can recognize that it’s time to heal.

Are you ready to change this?

When your Heart Wall is healed, not only do you find a sense of belonging and connection with loved ones, but you begin to feel new passion for your life and your career too! You connect with your inner purpose and you discover clarity around which action steps lead to the life of fulfillment you've been desiring.

Life opens up to support you when you let down your Heart Wall and release the stuck emotions weighing you down.

Completely healing your Heart Wall is just one of the many transformations that will change your life for the better when you choose to receive energy healing.

Stay tuned for The 3 Ways Your Heart Wall Affects Your Business.


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