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Do You Have Trapped Emotions?

The simple answer is YES.

But what does it mean to have trapped emotions?

Everything is made out of energy, including our bodies. When we have emotions and thoughts, these are also energies. The human body generates these feelings according to what we experience.

For the most part, we process these emotions normally and they don't stick around. What this means is that when we have a feeling it usually helps us understand and navigate our current situation then dissipates.

However sometimes these feelings don't process (you can read more on that in Top 5 Ways Emotions get Stuck). When this happens these emotions can become trapped in a person's body and begin to affect them negatively both emotionally and physically.

The simplest way to check if you have trapped emotions is to do this quick experiment:

1) Think of an embarrassing childhood memory that used to really bother you, but that doesn't anymore. This will be one you can even laugh about now and you have a feeling of being at ease around it if people bring it up.

2) Think of a very similar embarrassing childhood memory that is also pretty innocent, but to this day remembering it makes you cringe or tense up or make a funny face.

What is happening that is different between these two examples?

In example one this is a demonstration of where you healed from an event and were able to process the emotions so that they no longer affect you.

In example two however you can feel your body noticeably tense up and, depending on the severity of feeling, you may even have a reaction like you wish you wouldn't have recalled that.

Example two is where there are negative trapped emotions. You can tell because you can FEEL them in your body still to this day.

Now most people don't seek out help to release trapped emotions from embarrassing childhood memories.

People seek energy healing for a variety of reasons, but most boil down to the same thing: trapped emotions which mimic repetitive or lasting negative feelings.

In many cases a person will work to change their situation/environment but end up feeling the same regardless of where they go proving it's not the situation that is causing the feeling, but that the feeling is trapped.

More intensely when there are trapped emotions, a person can even feel stuck and like they cannot move forward in life. Depending on the severity, this can be both emotionally and physically in where the trapped emotions are keeping the person from making a much desired change.

When this happens most seek out counseling in order to help them mentally process through the emotions to make a change.

But what happens when you consciously know why you are where you are but still feel the same and are feeling stuck?

Energy healing can change this. Learn How to Release Trapped Emotions yourself or consider booking a healing session. Energy Healing Sessions work with your subconscious mind and are specifically designed to work with this scenario. In doing so they help clear the trapped emotions and negative thought patterns that are keeping you feeling down or stuck.

To find out more, contact Energy Healing OKC and learn how healing can help you.


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