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4 Ways Stuck Emotions Prevent Your Success

You've discovered how debilitating stuck negative emotions can be and how they hold you back in life. Now it's time to learn how they undermine your business performance.


How stuck negative emotions prevent success:

1) Your Vibration Lowers and You Attract More Negative

When it comes to your vibration, you have positive emotions and negative emotions. These emotions are different frequencies that make up your overall vibration. All types of different emotions are normal, however when the negative emotions get stuck in your energy field, this lowers your overall vibration and affects your business.

We know from the Law of Attraction that like energy attracts like energy. When you have stuck negative emotions, your energy vibration begins to resonate with those specific negative energies (ie: anxiety and stress), creating more of the same experiences in your life.

While any stuck negative emotion can have an impact on your business, many have stuck emotions such as rejection, frustration, failure and discouragement from past experiences. With these energies lowering your vibration, you are setting yourself up for disappointment no matter how hard you work towards your goals. You will attract more of the same until you can release them.

2) You Are No Longer an Energetic Match for Your Clients

Just like a broth will change it's overall taste when you add vegetables, your overall vibration changes when your negative emotions get stuck in your energy field. Not only is your vibration lowered, but now you have a different energetic "feel" to you.

Have you ever entered a room of people and felt put off? Or maybe there was a single person you just didn't want to be around? It's likely that these people are carrying a stuck emotion that has you wanting to run for the hills. You don't even have to know what it is, you just know whatever it is, it doesn't feel good and you don't want to be around it.

In business, this is the same situation that happens to you when your clients don't resonate with your stuck emotions. People don't have to be intuitive to be able to feel when they just don't jive with someone. They will naturally migrate in a different direction.

When it comes to business, they migrate away from you too. It means that no matter what services you offer or what results you can help someone achieve, they don't resonate with you and they likely never will as long as you are carrying the exact stuck emotions that are pushing them away.

3) Triggers Make You Avoid Success

At any given time you have projects you need to complete and a business you need to run. However, even a single stuck emotion can trigger you to avoid doing the tasks that will lead you to success.

When you had a negative past experience with a client, there is likely a stuck emotion in your field that is triggered whenever a similar situation arises. Let's say you faced a situation that left you feeling embarrassed or insecure in some way. Whenever you are exposed to similar situation, you immediately feel the past stuck emotion surfacing.

This will make you subconsciously want to avoid the situations that cause you pain or bring up your failures. Many times you know the steps you need to take for success, but you just can't bring yourself to do them or you make excuses for how it's not the right time. Or maybe you tell yourself that you need to complete more tasks before you can start on it. All of this is self-sabotage and it's an endless loop.

This is also the very reason that leads to #4.

4) Why You Can’t Move Forward

Self-sabotaging loops. They say 90% of new arguments in relationships are actually just old arguments repeating with a different face. Energetically speaking, this is spot on.

This is true for life and it is true for business. Only now when your stuck emotions are triggered, only you can push yourself forward through them when you don't have support. Most people with emotional blocks are unable to break through them on their own which is why it's called being "stuck."

You are emotionally and energetically stuck and unable to move forward. A single stuck emotion can be an underlying imbalance of why you can’t gain ground and create the success you desire. When you are bogged down by your emotional blocks, it's very easy to feel lost and uncertain of the right action steps to take.

Many times your subconscious self-sabotage leads you in circles trying to avoid the pain discussed in #3. It can look like you are taking action towards your goals, but in reality it's just busy work. Or maybe you feel productive for a period of time, but your emotional blocks have you avoiding what really needs to happen in order to create the change you want to see. The result is the same: inability to move forward.


All of these are just a few examples of the way stuck negative emotions impact your business and weigh you down. To learn more about how emotions get stuck and what to do about it, check out Top 5 Ways Emotions Get Stuck.

You are a powerful creator and you can have a thriving business and the life of your dreams!


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